One Love
Bounce TV's all-new original sitcom One Love follows the hilarious adventures of Pastor William (Mark Curry, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper) and Carolyn Winters (Sheryl Lee Ralph, Moesha), the first family of Mt. Sinai church. Together for thirty years, they've led their congregation as perfect role models, but when their adult children begin to navigate relationships of their own, the laughs collide with the love.


Mark Curry

as Pastor William Winters

William is the patriarch of the Winters family and the pastor of Mt. Sinai Church in Chicago. He is very traditional and often needs a little help from his loving wife.

Sheryl Lee Ralph

as Carolyn Winters

Carolyn is the typical first lady of a prestigious church. Although she’s judgmental and overbearing, she nurtures all those who are around her.

Chico Benymon

as Nate Winters

Nate is a youth minister who can do no wrong according to his mother. He’s popular with the ladies and is on a mission to revolutionize the church.

Drew Sidora

as Genesis Winters

Genesis is a good girl who plays by the rules. She gets bored with life as she knows it and explores life outside of the church.

Carl Anthony Payne II

as Luke Winters

Luke is the black sheep of the family. He doesn’t participate in many church or family gatherings. He is a creative, free spirit who crashes on his brother’s couch while he tries to find his way.

Sara Fletcher

as Mia Winters

Mia is a dancer from Los Angeles who was not raised in the church. Although she has cultural, religious and social hurdles to overcome, she is determined to blend into a traditional Midwestern church family.

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