Sloan Simmons

played by Gregg Wayans
mcr-sloan-purpBorn and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, Sloan never really fit in anywhere. Even though he has a part-time job at a fast-food joint, he mostly hangs out at the Underground where his childhood friend Future works. He has a crush on Brooke that never seems to be reciprocated.

Fun facts about Sloan

  • Favorite Book – The Game
  • Favorite Movie – Dumb and Dumber
  • Favorite Food – Bacon cheeseburger
  • Favorite Color – Purple
  • Favorite Band/Group/ Solo Artist – Prince
  • Favorite Genre of Music – R&B
  • Favorite Pastime – Hanging out in a coffee shop
  • Best Thing About A Roommate – They let you borrow stuff
  • Worst Thing About A Roommate – They expect that stuff back

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