Chloe Lewis

played by Brittany Richards
mcr-chloe-purpBorn and raised in southern California, Chloe is a traditional “valley girl.” Although she comes from money, Chloe wants to forge a path for herself. Currently, that path is taking temp jobs, doing a lot of shopping and bickering with her roommate Brooke.

Fun facts about Chloe

  • Favorite Book – Alice in Wonderland
  • Favorite Movie – The Little Mermaid
  • Favorite Food – Chocolate
  • Favorite Color – Pink
  • Favorite Band/Group/ Solo Artist – Beyonce
  • Favorite Genre of Music – Pop
  • Favorite Pastime – Getting hair & nails done
  • Best Thing About A Roommate – There’s always someone to gossip with
  • Worst Thing About A Roommate – They’re too messy

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Put a Brooklyn hipster and a rich Valley Girl together in one apartment and you get My Crazy Roommate, Bounce TV's newest original hit sitcom!

Chloe's from LA… high-strung, obsessive and a neat freak. Brooke hails from New York… laid back, unsympathetic and a hot mess.

When this odd couple rooms together the sparks and the laughs start flying. From the producer of Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show comes your newest guilty pleasure: My Crazy Roommate!