Brooke Chambers

played by Laila Odom
mcr-brooke-purpBorn and raised in Brooklyn, NY from Jamaican descent, Brooke moved to Los Angeles to pursue a screenwriting career. She took a job working at the Underground Coffee Shop (if you consider slacking off, working) until she gets her big break. Rough around the edges, Brooke is constantly getting into it with her boss, her co-workers, and of course, her roommate Chloe.

Fun facts about Brooke

  • Favorite Book – The Color Purple
  • Favorite Movie – Do The Right Thing
  • Favorite Food – curry goat
  • Favorite Color – Blue
  • Favorite Band/Group/ Solo Artist – Gil Scott-Heron
  • Favorite Genre of Music – Hip Hop
  • Favorite Pastime – Writing
  • Best Thing About A Roommate – They cover your rent sometimes
  • Worst Thing About A Roommate – They’re always around

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Put a Brooklyn hipster and a rich Valley Girl together in one apartment and you get My Crazy Roommate, Bounce TV's newest original hit sitcom!

Chloe's from LA… high-strung, obsessive and a neat freak. Brooke hails from New York… laid back, unsympathetic and a hot mess.

When this odd couple rooms together the sparks and the laughs start flying. From the producer of Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show comes your newest guilty pleasure: My Crazy Roommate!