Andrew explains why Carson is wearing a tie.
Hari is very particular about his hair and what goes in it.

Get to know Brittany Richards (Chloe), star of My Crazy Roommate.
Gregg Wayans (Sloan) explains where he fits in the Wayans family tree.
The girls provide some backstage dish on what goes on behind the scenes.
Future makes a stand in the dressing room before a take on "My Crazy Roommate."

My Crazy Roommate Cast
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Bounce TV Original Series!

Put a Brooklyn hipster and a rich "valley girl" together in one apartment and you get My Crazy Roommate, Bounce TV's original hit sitcom!

Chloe's from LA… high-strung, obsessive and a neat freak. Brooke hails from New York… laid back, unsympathetic and a hot mess.

When this odd couple rooms together the sparks and the laughs start flying. From the producer of Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show comes My Crazy Roommate!